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Kingdom Roof and Fence is your local roofing contractor in the Houston Texas area.  We specialize in custom roofing materials and steep roof installations.  Our crews have been working together for decades and we can handle any commercial or residential roofing project.  Being recognized and recommended by the shingle manufactures, you’re making a good decision doing business with Kingdom Roof and Fence.  If you’re going to hire someone to do your next project, why not hire the best and make sure everything is done right.  Take a look at the following and get to know our organization a little better.

Insurance Claim Assistance

One of the most important aspects of the roofing process is insurance claim assistance.  The first step is to make sure if calling a claim in on your insurance is actually a good idea.  If you call a claim in on your insurance and the damage on your doesn’t get approve while the other less expensive items do, you will be in worst shape than before you filed your claim.  This is because the items that will be approved for replacement will be under your deductible and then you’ll have to replace them out of pocket before your insurance company will insure them again.  This is one reason that you need a professional to look at your project and make sure you’re making the right decision.


After the decision of whether or not to file a claim with your insurance has been made, the next step is for your professional roofing contractor to meet the insurance adjuster at your property.  The insurance adjuster works for the insurance company and his employer makes sure that their adjuster is concerned about their bottom line.  It’s important for you to remember that you need someone who’s knowledgeable with the insurance process that works for you and has your best interests in mind.  That’s where Kingdom Roof and Fence comes into to play.


Lifetime Warranty Roof

Using only to top shingle companies in our marketplace, Kingdom Roof and Fence has the authority to offer a limited lifetime warranty on every roofing system that we install.  This limited lifetime warranty will cover your shingles forever leaving your with no reason to ever have to replace your roof again barring a natural disaster or major hail storm. (Which in that case your insurance would replace)  It’s nice to have a roofing contractor that is so confident with their work, they are willing to stand behind their workmanship forever.  Please call Kingdom Roof and Fence for your free inspection and consultation at 346-291-4492 or visit them online at kingdomroofandfence.com.


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