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Well it’s finally summer time here in the Houston Texas area and it’s the best time to get your backyard looking great for that cookout!  Most of our clients are motivated by keeping their pets safe but other customers are excited about setting their property apart from the neighborhood.  This is where we shine and can be of the most help.  There’s fences that are built to last and then there’s the best fences called Kingdom Strong!  Let’s go over our current cedar fence specials and fence installation options for your to choose from.

Kingdom Roof and Fence is now offering a FREE CEDAR UPGRADE for our customers during the months of August and September.  Our current prices for new pine fencing is $17 per foot and our cedar fencing is sold at $18.88 per foot.  If you schedule and have over 85 feet installed however during these months, we’re offering our cedar fencing for the same price as our pine for ONLY $17 per foot!  This is a great deal on either style of fencing and a perfect time to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Let’s discuss a few installation procedures that separate Kingdom Roof and Fence apart from our competitors.  First, we always mix the concrete first before pouring it into the hole.  This may not seem important but most contractors pour dry cement into a hole and apply water with a hose while mixing it up with a stick.  Much like a driveway or any other concrete formation, you cannot pour new concrete on existing concrete that has already been set.  When you mix up the concrete in the hole, there’s going to be parts of the concrete that are not mixed correctly and will become sections that set later.  This explains why many fences that are not even a year old yet are already leaning or have fallen down.

We built every fence with 3 stringers which means there’s three 2×4 boards that are parallel with the ground to support your fence to the posts.  With one near the top, one almost at the bottom and the third one exactly in the middle, you can rest assured that the pickets will be securely attached to your new fence which prevents warping and detached rouge pickets.  Lastly, we also build our gates like no other fence company in the Houston area. These 3 hinge diamond bracing gates will be more like the front door on your home rather than a flimsy fence gate.  We have wood bracing on every gate that is included in our “Kingdom Strong” package.  Most companies are a very similarly priced when it comes to fencing, WHY NOT GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT the first time?  Call Kingdom Roof and Fence at 346-291-4492 to schedule your free fence estimate.

We are an official Veteran Owned Kingdom Business

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