Fence Contractor

We are your local fence company here in the Richmond, Katy and surrounding Houston Texas area.


We at Kingdom would like to help alleviate some of the stress associated with of choosing the right fence for your home.  Here are a few things to consider upon making your final trim package selection and proceeding towards beginning the construction of your project.

First we would like to highlight the installation of your new posts.  Many contractors in the business do the traditional “dry pack” method which proves to be ineffective over a period of time.  This process places the post in the new holes dug and then packs literally dry concrete that has not been mixed yet.  This typically follows a water hose soaking the dry concrete and a stick mixing it together.  Unfortunately too many contractors do this and the concrete forms in different stages leaving multiple set pieces very similar to gravel around your post.  This explains the posts that are leaning but are set in concrete within the first year or two of the install.

The correct method to set posts is to mix the concrete before setting the posts and then pour the final product around the post.  During this process you’re making sure your posts are level and lined up with you string.  There is a poking stick or we like to use the end of a level to push down the concrete making sure that it is all the way down and around the posts.  This simply step cannot be overlooked and corner cutting must not be done during this step or you’ll be looking at your fence on the ground once again way sooner than expected.

Secondly, we need to discuss the “rails” or 2x4s that are the framework of your new fence.  Most fences that were built during the construction of a home have only two rails.  This means there’s one at the top and another at the bottom.  We refer to that as “builder grade” fencing that could be potentially code for something more derogatory.  When replacing a fence, it would be very uncommon for a reputable contractor to use that same bracing style.  For the longevity of the fence and to ensuring the pickets are securely attached, the 3 rail system is obvious framework that is used on 6′ wood fencing.

Lastly, there‘s the subject of building a gate that works and will stand the test of time.  We in the fence business would like to think is the difference the separates the men from the boys.  There are several unique gate assemblies that work and can be used but after a decade in the fence business we are sold on the 3 hinge diamond bracing system.  This means that instead of the customary 2 hinge gate assemblies that we see on almost every fence in our neighborhood, a 3 hinge fence is a better choice for holding the weight of the gate.  It’s important to also spotlight that there needs to be another post close by the hinge side of the gate for additional support of the gate.  If installed correctly, the gate is more similar to a front door than a fence gate comparing how sturdy it is.

We hope this section helped educate you on why you should choose Kingdom or at a minimum what qualities you should look for in the workmanship of your fence contractor.