At what point does a boy transform into a man? Is there a certain age you must reach or is it a lifetime milestone that has to take place? Some would say it begins when you start to take on the responsibilities of life or possibly others may elaborate further describing a man fathering a child. Either way, we believe that this is a very important process that must continue because the world as we know it depends on boys become leadership minded men. Let’s take a look at MAN SCHOOL and see what the realities are of our men today.

Did you know that the United States of America leads the planet earth with the highest rate of children living in a single parent household? Almost a quarter of the children in the U.S. (23%) are living with one parent which is mostly a mom or grandparent. What I’m trying to say is that our men are not taking their place or taking leadership in their families. This is one of the saddest things to think about and is also the number one cause of poverty in America today.

When a child leaves the home at 18 to either go off to college, join the military or enter the workforce on a full time basis, there’s a real culture shock that happens. Who’s going to cook, do laundry, go shopping, balance the budget, clean the house, do taxes and such? Most of our youth have little to no life experience at the point of leaving the home to eventually become “self taught”. We believe there are two ways to learn something, by design or by default.

Our Ministry

WHY Kingdom Ministries is a religious organization that seeds Kingdom Businesses which is how Kingdom Roof and Fence was founded.  With the sole purpose to advance God’s Kingdom on this earth, these businesses are the tool to accomplish this.  During this effort, we intent to enable, empower and employ our young men to take leadership in their families, the marketplace and our community through God’s Church.

Kingdom Roof and Fence

Being in the roofing and fencing business for over a decade, our director has earned his pastoral credentials and has returned to the roofing and fencing business.  Our goal is to create as many jobs as possible as we teach biblical principles of being a Kingdom Man.  A portion of the proceeds earned from our organization is seeded by to WHY Kingdom Ministries to help build more Kingdom Businesses.  May the Lord receive all the glory through our efforts.

Kingdom Business

If you’re interested in getting more information about how to become a Kingdom Business WHY Kingdom Ministries would love to speak with you about it.  They can assist in marketing your business, real estate property or organization.  Just email us at