Owens Corning Preferred Contractor!

We at Kingdom Roof and Fence are excited to announce that we are officially an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor.  There’s been many career milestones, accreditations and accomplishments that we feel like we can hang our hat on.  This particular acknowledgment comes with the highest weight in our industry standing only next to GAF Roofing and the Better Business Bureau. Since 2012, we have been almost exclusively using the Owens Corning products and providing the wide range of top level products and warranties that they provide our marketplace. Today you’ll see the Owens Corning roof builder on our website where our customers can see the shingles and styles for themselves. If you haven’t tried this yet, it’s simple and easy to use by effortlessly scrolling down the home page of kingdomroofa威而鋼 ndfence.com.

We wanted to send a special thank you out to all of the customers who have trusted us with their roofing project over the years. Without you there wouldn’t be a Kingdom Roof and Fence and the blessings that you have been a part of is humbling to our family. Now that we’re moving into another decade of business, we would like to encourage you to continue your trust in Kingdom and consider using the top shingle brand in the market, Owens Corning. They really do have the best products in the market for roofing contractors and customers to choose from.

In 2012 our management toured the Owens Corning facility in Irving, TX to see how these shingles were made. It was amazing to see what a huge operation they had there and how shingles were made. From the huge fiberglass rolls that were fed into this machine, to the asphalt and granule mixtures that were applied, it was nothing short of spectacular. From that day on, we have recommended Owens Corning products and we’re very proud to have been a PREFERRED ROOFING CONTRACTOR from them. Let’s get you a free roof inspection today!

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