Christmas Companies post Coronavirus

This year will be full of uncertainty unlike many of the seasons that came before due to the effects of the coronavirus.  In the predominately college educated neighborhoods, we haven’t really noticed an abundance of hardships like the news would lead you to believe.  In fact it’s been quite the opposite, most of the families are working from home while refraining from spending their money on eating out and entertainment.  This behavior has created the spike of home improvement projects causing our communities to develop a passion to upgrade our personal spaces.  On the other hand, we also understand the imposed tariffs and trade conflicts with China this year so our season may be in for a big surprise.  After carefully studying the trends we’re currently seeing in July, it’s safe to anticipate the largest Christmas light installation season in our history.

“If we’re going to be stuck here at the house, we might as well decorate it the best it’s ever looked! –Ron Robey

Many of our customers return from year to year with fresh ideas to keep their commercial or residential properties looking great.  If you remember, soon after the coronavirus shutdowns started, much of America wanted to put their Christmas decorations back up to spread cheer.  This was covered by almost every news organization in the country for almost a week. This season the Diwali celebration (new moon festival of lights) will also fall right in the middle of our Christmas light installation season.  Usually it kicks or our crews schedules for holiday lighting because it falls somewhere in the final weeks of October.  This increased demand for our services coupled with the material shortages may birth the perfect storm.  Plainly stated, it may be more difficult than you think to get on a reputable Christmas light installation companies schedule.  We at Kingdom Christmas Lights recommend that you get your home or business scheduled earlier than before and lock in the pricing before the professional holiday lighting industry becomes harder to get than toilet paper or Clorox wipes.  🙂

It’s certainly not our intention to scare anyone into thinking that hope or Christmas is going to be cancelled this year.  We actually believe the opposite and have come into agreement on this Christmas being rich with family time and memories.  Let’s be clear, we wanted to ensure you that Kingdom is preparing to assist a record number of clients this season.  Our organization will always be here to help and will continue striving to make sure your Christmas memories are cherished and the beautiful lights bring smiles to the recipients faces. May the Lord bless you until we have the chance to speak or meet again as we are looking forward to the day.

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