Material Shortage in Texas raises Fence Pricing!

Stay Calm, We have the Materials
During the coronavirus pandemic that our nation and state of Texas has endured, there has been a few changes that don’t seem to be going away.  As you may already know, our financial family leaders have been working from home if possible and the home improvement stores have become shopping malls.  Our “honey do” projects have run out of犀利士 excuses and the time to get them done has presented itself in a major way.  With these things considered along with the natural storm and fence season ramping up, we in the fence business have had to travel to multiple stores for each project to find materials.  For example, visit a Lowes and try to buy yourself some 4×4 pressure treated pine posts or see how many cedar pickets they have available.  You may have a better chance finding a pallet of Clorox wipes at your local grocery store.
After speaking with the lumber yards in east Texas this past weekend, the shortage is only just begun as the mills have been working at half capacity and back logged during the pandemic.  As result, material distributors and home improvement stores have increased their material prices over ten percent or 3 dollars a foot from last year.  Small businesses in our industry have been purchasing bulk materials wherever they can be found and trying to save them in storage units to keep from shutting down.  With this being said, we unfortunately have not choice but to raise our prices as well to avoid going out of business.  Please understand that this is the last thing we wanted to do but we have no choice but to make these adjustments.
Effective immediately, Kingdom Roof and Fence has set a new pricing structure for our residential wood fence customers that will be competitive as usual.  Please refer to your estimates for more information regarding these updates from our company.  We would however like to remind you that we still offer metal post fencing solutions which are readily available and come with a lifetime warranty.  In addition, there are great wrought iron and aluminum fences available for you to choose from that have not been effected from the pandemic like the wood products have.  Thank you for reading our blog and understanding that is has been and will always be our goal to bring you the best our industry and marketplace has to offer at affordable prices.  Lastly, we would encourage you to remain calm and know that Kingdom has all of the materials needed to get the job done. -Kingdom

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