We are so happy to beginning your fence project. There are a few things we would like for you to review as we get ready to complete your project.

Sprinkler System –  We require that prior to construction that you turn on your sprinkler system for our installer prior to your fence project beginning. We will need to see the system work and each zone. If this process is not complete we will not be responsible for an sprinklers systems not working. Sometimes the sprinkler systems are placed very close to the fence and at times directly on. This often happens if it was put in after the fence was completed. There are instances that there is no way to remove the post with out cracking one of the lines. If this is the case we will repair the sprinkler and it will be added to your final invoice. If you know for certain that we will need to re-route your system, we can give you an estimate to do so.

Earth from Posts – We remove the dirt from the ground when digging to place your posts. Typically we grade dirt out in areas that are needed unless otherwise instructed. This is a great opportunity to level out your yard or take care of any areas that are low. We will grade the dirt along the fence line, you are welcome to move this dirt to any location that you choose.

Cleaning of Yard (Animals) and debris from trees- Before we begin the project we ask that you clean up your yard, removing any pet excrement and any shrubs or bushes that are within 18 inches within the fence line. If we have to remove tree branches, vines, and  bushes there may be additional charge to the project.

Property Lines –  We do not build the fence on the property line but on the existing fence line. If you need the fence line change you must provide the survey for your property prior to the project. This can change the footage and in turn the estimate will be revised.

Neighbor Compensations – Most fences are shared with a neighbor, however, we deal directly with the customer that contracted us. IF there is a split payment of different neighbors we ask that we have all the neighbors information prior to the project. If not, we expect the customer to pay any amounts in full.

Inclement Weather – Weather can change the terrain of a fence project. What was once a pile of dirt can turn to a pile of mud as well as tracking it back and forth bringing supplies.

Removal Process- During the removal process we typically take all the old fence panels with us off site the day we take the fence down. There are some instances when this is taken on another day, this is not common but on rare occasions when multiple neighbors have large amounts of fence pulled at the same time that this may occur.

811 Dig- We will request line marking from 811 dig. This process usually take 24-48 hours.

Unforeseen Labor  – Tree Roots, abnormal amounts of concrete, extra bracing or materials (repair projects) may require additional charges. 

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